You are beautiful in the eyes of God. He created you for something very special. To spend time with Him for eternity in Paradise. You have a divine destiny while you are here on this earth. You already have everything in you to accomplish this. God placed it inside you when He created you. It doesn't matter what others may think about you. What matters is that you know that God loves you unconditionally and He doesn't want you to live in fear for the rest of your life. He can and will set you free from abuse. He loves you so much. You are HIs child. Just as you love your children and want them to be safe and have all their needs met, God also loves you in this same manner only with more intensity. All you have to do is ask in Jesus' name and believe that you have received it. Like everything in life, being set free is a process, whether it's from abuse, addictions, circumstances and situations. Someimes God has to put other things in place in order to set us free or answer our prayers. And only He knows the perfect timing when everything will fall into place. He is never late, and He is never early, even though we may pray and plead with Him to be so. But He is ALWAYS on time according to His purpose, for His glory and our good. Seek Him and His will for your life. It took time to bring you to where you are in life right now. It will take time, as well, to fix it. Be patient, persevere, and remember that God will never give you more than you can stand and He will always walk thru the fire with us. Not for us. If you don't know Christ as your Savior and Redeemer, pray the prayer of Salvation, ask Him into your heart and give Him control over your life. He can't do anything until you ask and give Him permission to get involved because He has given us all our freedom of choice, of free will. I was a victim of 13+ years of brutal physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse. If He can set me free and change my life and the lives of my children...He can and will do it for you. He is your Father in heaven. And He loves each one of us unconditionally.